The Most Dangerous Man in America

I just watched the most amazing and eye opening documentary I have seen for a long time. The excellent Storyville has done it again by producing a film that everyone must see. If you put blind faith in anything from governments to priests, parents, teachers or any form of authority this is a must watch.
Balanced, smart, well made and insightful. It is the Storyville documentary: “The Most Dangerous Man in America” (see link below). It tells the story of how in 1971, leading Vietnam War strategist Daniel Ellsberg leaked “The Pentagon Papers”, having concluded that the war was based on decades of lies. The story of how a pro Vietnam War hawk, who was a former US marine and RAND analyst, who had access to the most Top Secret information anyone could see about the war was converted into a dove, an anti-war campaigner who took great personal risks by leaking the secret papers to show the world the lies that the US government had been spreading to justify their actions in the Vietnam war. It also made me realise the Richard Nixon was even worse than I already thought he was! It also features Howard Zinn, who sadly passed away recently.
A great personal tale of putting principles before ones career and success, this is a must watch for everyone.
Link to the BBC 4 Storyville page for the film:
This is a link to the homepage for the actual film:
And finally a link to Daniel Ellsberg’s website:

RIP John Hughes

RIP John Hughes. You Tube montage of his films.

Michael Jackson, John Hughes, what is happening to all the 80’s legends that I grew up with, and who penetrated the deepest caverns of my frazzled pysche? Ferris Buellar’s Day Off is one of the best comedies ever made and has the best line in a comedy ever:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a minute, you could miss it.”

From the booming sounds of Simple Minds to the genius of John Candy, John Hughes’ movies left an indelible mark on me, and even though his finest hour was long ago, just as with Michael Jackson, I had always hoped he would come back with one last act of genius.

I hate to think what Jay and Silent Bob will be thinking right now. Will have to check out Kevin Smith’s twitter posts.