Quote on Religion

Just heard a great quote about religion in an interview with Theatre Director Peter Brook on BBC2’s The Culture Show.

“All the world’s great Religions start with a prophet and end with a policeman.”

Peter Brook is directing a play called 11 and 12 about the violence between 2 groups of people who share the same religion but differ on one doctrinal point, should a prayer be said 11 time or 12. From this little insignificant point they split into different sects, with the ensuing violence tearing communities and families apart. Sounds fascinating.

As soon as our diverse ideas and thoughts on the unknown and our random irrational faith is turned into strict rules of dogma and doctrine Religion becomes what it really is, Institutionalised Faith and as Peter Brook notes it becomes a very dangerous thing.

Here is a link to The Culture Show website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cultureshow/


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