Re education

In 10 minutes time the course advisor from Home Learning College will arrive at my house. His aim is to sell me his courses, my aim is to re train as a Web Desinger plus refresh my rusty Bookkeeping skills. The modern world and it’s ever amazing technology mean that I don’t have to leave the chaotic mad house that is my home to gain new skills that will hopefully help me get a job and start earning again.

Job hunting in this adverse economic environment, with all the ever increasing obstacles in my way, has not been easy. At least it has got easier to blog, with the amazing WordPress 2.0 iPhone iBlogging app. As my life is is a state of permanent chaos, being able to blog on the move using my iPhone is very useful. iBlogging is the way forward, just like iTwittering and the Google Chrome web browser with its spell checking facility that ensures my pots are readable.

With regards to my failure to find gainful employment, I sincerely hope the number of obstacles to job hunting will reduce as I keep trying to be resourceful and develop my skill set whilst staying positive in very depressing times. It has been anything but easy.

Last week my wife’s uncle died and I went to his funeral. My father in law is still in hospital recovering slowly from his major stroke. We were living in 2 houses trying to help my mother in law. That only added to the chaos. My daughter is ill with a viral infection, my IBS and CFS have returned with a vengeance. Money is running out!

Anyway I better go as the man is here!


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