Re Education Continued

I was wrong (rare, but not the first time). The course advisor from Home Learning College is not here. It was some random estate agent. I thought they were all hiding after the property crash. I suppsoe you can’t keep a good sales person down. Anyway the HLC Advisor got sent to Ashstead which is no where near where I live by his Sat Nav. Technology is great when it works but utterly frustrating when it does not. A case in point is my unsolvable problem with my iPhoen refusing to sync with or be recognised by iTunes on my PC at home. I have phoned Apple support, gone to the Apple store, read all the help guides, restarted and re installed everything possible and found the drivers on my pc. I think it is a problem with the wrong drivers assigned to the iPhone but I have no idea how to change them in Windows Vista which is becoming increasingly the bain of my already chaotic life (see my references to funerals, hospitalisation of relatives, ill health, dwindling finances, failed job hunting and career change, and living in permanent chaos in previous posts.)

Anyway I just got interrupted by the gym instructor who will be inducting me into the Malden Centre gym as part of my renewed effort to rebuild myself. Apparently i still have to pay for the induction sessions even though I paid for registering at the gym! Money is just flowing out form all corners. Need some to come in. Hopefully Web Design is the way forward, if I can afford the courses!

At least I finally got round to building the home page for the resurrected version of my old website, It was hand coded in HTML and is very basic but hopefully my web developing skills will rise exponentially over the next few months.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your relatives. Hope things are getting back to normal.

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