It seems the etheral cyberworld of blogging has caught up with me.

I have been unable to blog for what seems like an eternity due to the increasingly ridiculous nature of my drama and crisis ridden life. It is in these circumstances that I find myself blogging from my iPhone in a spare 5 minutes between the consistent madness of my daily struggle.

I am able to return to the blogging world thanks to the amazing WordPress 2.0 iPhone application. I discovered it today and it has breathed new hope into any future blogging attempts. Twitter was always easier to update when you are running from one hospital to another and living in more than one place, commuting between them in a car that seems unable to not breakdown on a monthly basis.

Now that I can blog from my phone and I will try to blog more often. I have experienced far too much in a short space of time recently but some interesting thoughts have emerged from the swirling vortex of drama.

One day my life will become normal and no longer resemble a less humourous version if “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.


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